VPN: Private Internet Access vs Torguard

I’ve been using Private Internet Access (PIA) for the last 2 years and it is OK.  Couldn’t access some streaming sites with it cause it always resulted in some kind of URL error.  Switched over to Torguard last week and so far haven’t seen that same error.  Therefore I’m pretty happy with Torguard especially since I got it at their April sale price.  In addition I like how Torguard shows you the public IP and how much data has been transferred.  Haven’t tested for speed and don’t have an quantitative stats but Torguard does seem faster.

Wedding Dance Mix

Color me badd – all for love


Big Pun f/ Fat Joe – Still not a Player

Big Pun – I still love u

Bingo Players – cry (just a little)

black eye peas – joints and jams

Bone Thugs Song

Da Brat – funkdafied

Devonte and Tanto Metro – every 1 fallz in love


dj quick – hand in hand

dogg pound – lets play house

dove shack – summerime in the lbc

dre and snoop g=thang

eric benet – georgy and porgy

Faith Evans – all night long

ghost town djs = my boo

joe buddens – pump it up

LL col J = lougin

lord tariz & peter gunz – deja vu

zhane – hey mr dj

TLC – creep

Young MC – bust a move

Groove theory – tell me

Young Hold – Soulful Strut

Dr Dre – nuthing but a g thang

Tamia – so into you

Rok –

The Strokes – last nite

The Verbe – bittersweet symphony


The Bee Gees – how doeep is your love


Billy Joel – I love you just the way you are.

chicago you’re the inspiration

eric benet ft tamia – spend my life with you

Small Business Statistic

According to a Dun & Bradstreet survey, 40 per cent
of small business failures occur between the first
and fifth years of inception, 27 per cent fail
between the sixth and tenth year, and 33 per cent
fail by the time the businesses cross their tenth

Toftoy, C. N., & Chatterjee, J. (2004). Mission Statements and the Small Business. Business Strategy Review, 15(3), 41-44. doi:10.1111/j.0955-6419.2004.00326.x


Mos Def @ Yost

Saw Most Def 12/22 at Yost.

There were a couple of songs that were pretty great and he did his freestyle stuff.  Think it was pretty good for a hip hop show but think a lot of my friends weren’t into it.   Kinda bummed he didn’t do ms fat booty.

Just don’t think hip hop shows are that good compared to rock shows.

Audio Book: 1356 by Bernard Cornwell

Liked it. Thought the reader was very good and brought the story to life. It’s a medieval times type novel that involves a war between the English, France, and Scotland.
Lots of battles so if you’re into sword fighting and other type of medieval melees you’ll probably like it.

Certifitied Scuba

Officially certified Scuba Diver now.  Not sure what I need to do from here besides shoot for a Adventure Scuba Diver.  Last instructor was pretty mean and took the skills test really serious. Not sure if there are any more dives with skills you have to show or not but happy I’m done with that.

Tips when buying open water scuba certification packages

If you are a deal hunter and looking at scuba deals at daily deals sites you are probably wondering what is the difference between all the packages.  There is quite a bit of price differentiation and lots of fine prints.

Lets first go over what is entailed in open water scuba certification:

It will probably take 2 weekends at least (4-4.5 days). Mine is 2 weekends plus one weeknight

  1. Classroom.  This will probably be 1 day or 1.5 days as it was mine.  You have to go over the diver manual, do questions from the manual, and then take a test inside the classroom.
  2. Confined pool dive.  1 day practice indoor
  3. Open water dives. 2 days doesn’t have to be back to back days but can be. You want to do the open water dives soon after learning so you don’t forget. Will describe options later in post.

Here’s a breakdown of things to look for when buying a open water scuba certification package.

  1. Classroom – A basic scuba deal probably includes the classroom sessions, indoor pool dives, and provide scuba gear like wetsuit, air tank, and other scuba gear (BCD, vest).  Not covered would be the scuba log book (~$20) and mask, snorkel, fin, gloves, boots.
  2. Gear (mask,snorkel,fin,glove,boot) – This part is a bit tricky as most places will advise you to buy your own and these equipment is not provided.  Not sure if most places even have rentals but some may do.  That’s something you may want to call and ask about. Depending on the quality of equipment you get you are most likely looking at $200+.
  3. Boat – The open water adventure can be done from the beach where you have to crawl out to the ocean from the beach or the easier method is to take a boat and just dump yourself overboard.  A single day boat excursion is probably 100+, mine was $115.  One needs to do two days of open water scuba diving so you are looking > $200 for the boat.  Of course you could just do the beach but I’ve heard bad things about it since you’re lugging around >60lbs of gear.    Did my first boat dive, 11/9 and there’s a 15-20% recommended tip for boat ppl.


I did the Beach Cities LivingSocial deal.  I think they are OK but there can be better packages. For Beach Cities, their boat is in Dana Point which is a trek if you’re not in South OC.