oDesk Test (English Spelling)

Took the oDesk English spelling test and got 80%.  Pretty silly test. That’s what spell check is for. A lot of the words being tested on is not commonly used either.

Holy the oDesk PHP test was pretty hard. Bunch of functions I never used. Didn’t even pass.


Arg someone hacked my website.  Luckily the hosting company, imeanhosting, was able to restore last week’s backup.  Was going to do it myself but in trying to delete the entire web directory ran into permission errors which was strange so asked them to do it.

Spring Break!

Have one week off from classes. To fill up the time, I was thinking of looking into Libgdx. Libgdx is a framework geared more towards games with OpenGL support.  It’s been awhile since I’ve done Android programming so as I was updating the SDK, i noticed in the extras the google cloud messaging (GCM) library. Decided to shift my focus to GCM and running through the sample program today.

Book: Inside Apple

Pretty interesting take on the organization of Apple. Apples doesn’t come out in the best light, seen as demanding and compartmental iezd.

Found this pretty interest, “two engineers wrote the code for converting Apple’s Safari browser for the iPad” (p 81).  Pretty nuts.

Lashinsky, A. (2012). Inside apple. New York,NY: Business Plus



CodeAcademy: jQuery

Working through the CodeAcademy jQuery lessons. Pretty basic stuff.

After the lessons, I’m going to look into PhoneGap or jQuery Mobile to implement the UI of my app.

South Bay Mobile User Group: Appcelerator

South Bay Mobile User Group had a presentation about Appcelerator tonight. It was pretty interesting using strictly javascript to create native apps. Seems like a pretty dumbed down approach but could probably work for simple apps that just connect to some kind of web service.
It has potential so going to check it out tomorrow.