$12B Border wall?? WTF


We better not be building this dam wall for $12B. Stupid policy is starting.


CA Marijuana donations

I wonder how many people are actually on the fence about an issue about legalization of marijuana.  I figured most people would have strong opinions based on their previous history with/around marijuana.  well there is that 50% of people who never used it so maybe they on the fence?

Anyways I thought the $$ spent in CA on marijuana legalization is pretty nuts.


Politics: Fiscal Cliff Budget Deal

Want to see:

  • elimination of the concept of carried interest.
  • cap on deductions (good idea Mr. Romney)
  • higher tax rate for $750k+ group ($250k is too low)
  • lower military spending
  • no stimulus
  • higher rate for dividend and long term gain. 20% seems OK