Idea: Redbox Movie availability Notification

Had such weird dreams last night and then came this thought

Background:  On Redbox Avengers Infinity Wars came out.  Of course trying to reserve the movie is going to be tough.  I have to constantly check the website/app to see if it’s available at a location near me.

Idea:  Be able to save a movie you want to watch, then when the movie is available at one of my favorited Redbox locations it sends me a notification.

Downside: Maybe everyone uses this feature and the waitlist for the movie will be forever.  Then only titles still available will be movies no one wants to watch. Takes the experience of being surprised out for the person who visit the box without seeing what movies are available there.

Idea: Contacts Merge/duplicate Address for couples

I’m a gmail user and I was inputting an address of a friend who got married.  I know both the couple and have different contacts for each of them.  As I was copying the address into one of them I was thinking there should be a way to link the address to the other.  Why should I need to find the other person, and then copy the address again?


Of course something happens to the car same day of blog post

Later that night, I was planning to go to a friends house.  I drive down the street and notice the car feels pretty bumpy and making some weird noise.  I pull over 5 houses down, get out, and notice that back driver side tire is flat.  I tried to pump it up and it wouldn’t even inflate.  Therefore I had to change the tire.  I was hoping to get another 5K from the tire.

Next morning I go to a neighborhood tire shop.  Turns out another one of my tires has a nail in it.  That tire is worn out pretty unevenly.  A tire guy at Wal-Mart had told me something about that but didn’t think much about it.  Turns out the Prius needs new shocks and struts.  Quoted me $750.  Dam


Wow time flies

Finally got around to getting my WP blog site back up.  My web server renewal occurred in Nov and haven’t got around to getting the site back up.  Now I’m on a digitalocean droplet.  Figured I’d be hosting multiple sites so might as well get a droplet instead of only getting web hosting space.

I did lose some posts from the migration but don’t even remember what it is anymore.  The Updraft backup saved me.  I thought i exported to XML but couldn’t find the file anymore so I had to do a DB restore and since I changed URL of the blog things got all screwy.

Looks good so far and hopefully I’ll have more updates.  Though the goal is make a better landing page for

oDesk Test (English Spelling)

Took the oDesk English spelling test and got 80%.  Pretty silly test. That’s what spell check is for. A lot of the words being tested on is not commonly used either.

Holy the oDesk PHP test was pretty hard. Bunch of functions I never used. Didn’t even pass.

$12B Border wall?? WTF

We better not be building this dam wall for $12B. Stupid policy is starting.


SWGOH: Heroic AAT Raid completion

Our guild, Dead Man Ewoking, finally completed the Heroic AAT raid.  The officers of this guild are great. They spent time looking through everyone’s roster to coordinate what teams get sent to what phase.  We had tried twice before in December and November.  It really helped that the newer people recruited have crazy good rosters.  We were actually stuck around 10% and an unintentional mercenary finished it for us.  He had joined thinking we could easy defeat HAAT and left after he finished it.

I’m an average middle of pack in the guild so not too shabby.  Bad part about being in this guild is feeling the itch to spend $$ to keep up with everyone.

CA Marijuana donations

I wonder how many people are actually on the fence about an issue about legalization of marijuana.  I figured most people would have strong opinions based on their previous history with/around marijuana.  well there is that 50% of people who never used it so maybe they on the fence?

Anyways I thought the $$ spent in CA on marijuana legalization is pretty nuts.