Lots of things going

Finished another session of 2 classes which appropriately was about Organizational Development and Accounting. OD is all about change and one of the books we read was Transitions by William Bridges.

A transition I’m going through is a changing of jobs. decided to move to IT.

Next couple of week is going to be dedicated to taking scuba lessons which should be fun. Buying equip is another thing.  Scuba deals on deal websites are tricky. Will try and write a post about it.

Article: Using Just One Word, Try to Describe Your Career DNA

From the article, George Hu, COO of asks people this questions during interview:

“How would you describe who you are, in the core of your DNA, in one word?”

Well maybe because I’ve read the article, I would answer an analyst or researcher at this period of time of my career.  Currently, the embedded linux projects I’m working on is mostly researching how to do it. I did not come from an embedded background so everything is new and I’ve got to figure out the right path to take.

How would you answer it?

Book: Inside Apple

Pretty interesting take on the organization of Apple. Apples doesn’t come out in the best light, seen as demanding and compartmental iezd.

Found this pretty interest, “two engineers wrote the code for converting Apple’s Safari browser for the iPad” (p 81).  Pretty nuts.

Lashinsky, A. (2012). Inside apple. New York,NY: Business Plus



Executive level compensation

typical allocation of direct compensation is salary, 18%, short-term bonus, 24%, and long-term incentives, 58%.

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