Book – The Queen of Blood

Wife’s co worker recommend this to her and I ended up reading it.

Read? Meh, unless you into YA

Witches, spirits, corrupt government. The YA romance aspect really bothered me. A lot of it seemed unnecessary. Maybe it’s just part of the American culture to always have teens have sexual desires that needs fulfilling.

Book – The Blue Sword

This book was recommended by Sarah Beth Durst, author of The Queen of Blood.

Read? Yes

Female heroine. I skimmed a lot of it but overall storyline was pretty good. Good amount of action, interesting new environment/culture detailed and explained well. Interesting characters and animals.

The Ride of a Lifetime by Bob Iger

Pretty interesting business book. Bob Iger made some of the biggest and maybe best deals recently. Pixar, Marvel, Lucas Film, and Fox. Gives a unique perspective into how he got those deals done and how he came to realize that content will be king.

One negative is how he glossed over the relationship with the Weinsteins. He knew the Weinsteins at their peak and didn’t have anything to say. As an acting CEO it’s probably not the right place so probably good call but I was disappointed.

Audio Book: 1356 by Bernard Cornwell

Liked it. Thought the reader was very good and brought the story to life. It’s a medieval times type novel that involves a war between the English, France, and Scotland.
Lots of battles so if you’re into sword fighting and other type of medieval melees you’ll probably like it.