oDesk Test (English Spelling)

Took the oDesk English spelling test and got 80%.  Pretty silly test. That’s what spell check is for. A lot of the words being tested on is not commonly used either.

Holy the oDesk PHP test was pretty hard. Bunch of functions I never used. Didn’t even pass.

$12B Border wall?? WTF


We better not be building this dam wall for $12B. Stupid policy is starting.


SWGOH: Heroic AAT Raid completion

Our guild, Dead Man Ewoking, finally completed the Heroic AAT raid.  The officers of this guild are great. They spent time looking through everyone’s roster to coordinate what teams get sent to what phase.  We had tried twice before in December and November.  It really helped that the newer people recruited have crazy good rosters.  We were actually stuck around 10% and an unintentional mercenary finished it for us.  He had joined thinking we could easy defeat HAAT and left after he finished it.

I’m an average middle of pack in the guild so not too shabby.  Bad part about being in this guild is feeling the itch to spend $$ to keep up with everyone.

CA Marijuana donations

I wonder how many people are actually on the fence about an issue about legalization of marijuana.  I figured most people would have strong opinions based on their previous history with/around marijuana.  well there is that 50% of people who never used it so maybe they on the fence?

Anyways I thought the $$ spent in CA on marijuana legalization is pretty nuts.


What to say when stopped by police

“Excuse me officer. Are you detaining me, or am I free to go?” If the officer says you’re free to go, leave immediately and don’t answer any more questions.



New Netgear AC1450 Router Speedtest.net Results

I have an ASUS Win7 i5 with 6GB ram and the speedtest results from my desk is 27.23 Mbps / 12.24 Mbps (Down/Up).

From the location on my desk, I ran it on my work computer, Macbook i7 8GB ram had speed of 117.68/11.47.

From Samsung Note 7 table, 53.76/12.41

From Ipad Mini v1, 28.62/11.89

Wow, need to get a new Wifi adapter.  Amazed that the Macbook is killing my laptop.  Good to know it is not the router than.  The Macbook speed is the same speed as my notebook connected directly to modem so that’s good news.

Monoprice Lightning Cables

These cables are great phones actually charge at 2Amps.  Should have gotten these much earlier rather than using the slow 1.50 cables I had.  Bonus that they have a lifetime warranty and got these cables on sale for less $5.


6/24 Workout

12, 11, 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 reps of:

75 lb Barbell Thrusters
Burpees (Jump over 6″ foam roller after each)

(12 descending sets for a total of 78 reps for each exercise)

I cheated and didn’t do the 8 rep round.  Didn’t want people to wait too long for me.  Still took me 57 min to do the rest.  No stamina as I’m out of breath after doing burpees and the thrusters



CoC Split

Sad Day,  Our CoC clan, SilentButDeadly kinda split into two to LoudButFriendly.  We lost like 15 people.