Idea: Redbox Movie availability Notification

Had such weird dreams last night and then came this thought

Background:  On Redbox Avengers Infinity Wars came out.  Of course trying to reserve the movie is going to be tough.  I have to constantly check the website/app to see if it’s available at a location near me.

Idea:  Be able to save a movie you want to watch, then when the movie is available at one of my favorited Redbox locations it sends me a notification.

Downside: Maybe everyone uses this feature and the waitlist for the movie will be forever.  Then only titles still available will be movies no one wants to watch. Takes the experience of being surprised out for the person who visit the box without seeing what movies are available there.

New Netgear AC1450 Router Results

I have an ASUS Win7 i5 with 6GB ram and the speedtest results from my desk is 27.23 Mbps / 12.24 Mbps (Down/Up).

From the location on my desk, I ran it on my work computer, Macbook i7 8GB ram had speed of 117.68/11.47.

From Samsung Note 7 table, 53.76/12.41

From Ipad Mini v1, 28.62/11.89

Wow, need to get a new Wifi adapter.  Amazed that the Macbook is killing my laptop.  Good to know it is not the router than.  The Macbook speed is the same speed as my notebook connected directly to modem so that’s good news.

Monoprice Lightning Cables

These cables are great phones actually charge at 2Amps.  Should have gotten these much earlier rather than using the slow 1.50 cables I had.  Bonus that they have a lifetime warranty and got these cables on sale for less $5.


VPN: Private Internet Access vs Torguard

I’ve been using Private Internet Access (PIA) for the last 2 years and it is OK.  Couldn’t access some streaming sites with it cause it always resulted in some kind of URL error.  Switched over to Torguard last week and so far haven’t seen that same error.  Therefore I’m pretty happy with Torguard especially since I got it at their April sale price.  In addition I like how Torguard shows you the public IP and how much data has been transferred.  Haven’t tested for speed and don’t have an quantitative stats but Torguard does seem faster.