World War Z

This movie was pretty entertaining. Kept me on edge on the most part until it slows down near the end. Classmates and co workers had said it was worth watching and it was.

Clash of Clans

Hooked on this game. Makes me want to get an iphone.Not sure how I’m suppose to do multiplayer battle though.

Concert: Camera Obscura

Watched this after Game 6 of the NBA finals and I was a bit too amped up to be listening to them.  Turns out it was probably for the better as their melodic tunes calmed me down.  They are kind of a swaying side to side band since there’s nothing really too uptempo about them but they’re a chill band to listen to.

Impressive that they had a mis function with the acoustic guitar so we got a electric version of almost all the songs. Didn’t even know the closing song so got to go back and listen to that one again.


Qihu sold

Guess my stop limit order was a bit too low. Executed this morning.



17% Return at the end.


Talked to a friend’s friend in China last night and he didn’t even know what Qihoo is. Not a good sign. Placed a Stop Limit order for it about 3% from where it is now. Now thinking 3% is not a leeway.

Star Trek Into Darkness

It was enjoyable. Little over the top at the end but it was an emotional moment.

Otherwise a pretty typical blockbuster movie. Lots of action, super human villian, and a comedic relief by trying to throw some hit or miss zingers.  I find the doctor a bit annoying.