Watched way too much anime this summer:

Fate/zero – link

Not so good. Kinda cool characters but storyline was a bit confusing and no idea what the ending was about.

Zetman – link

So so. Not sure what it’s about. just monsters attacking each other with so human in iron-man type suit wanting to be a hero.

Hajime no Ippo – link

Currently watching this.  classic underdog story.  seems out of the times with all the stories about long term effects of head injuries of boxers.  All the guys in the anime take a huge amount of pounding. one of those things that could give kids the wrong impression.  Like it though old school anime.


Arg someone hacked my website.  Luckily the hosting company, imeanhosting, was able to restore last week’s backup.  Was going to do it myself but in trying to delete the entire web directory ran into permission errors which was strange so asked them to do it.