Clash of Clans

Hooked on this game. Makes me want to get an iphone.Not sure how I’m suppose to do multiplayer battle though.

Panda Express: No Free food w/o purchase

At Panda Express today because they are giving out free surf and turf.  You didn’t even need to buy anything to get it, just show up with a coupon on smartphone and you can get free food. Not a smart idea. Made the line long and maybe half the people were there only for the free food and then left.  That sucks for the company and that sucks for customers who are waiting.   Panda should’ve made it people buy something like some kind of combination in order to get it.   I think soda would’ve made it even longer wait for people to pay for soda.

I’m just saying I’m all for free food but I’m ok with some strings attached.

New server: imeanwebhosting

Took advantage of a Black Friday/Cyber Monday deal of $19/yr web domain and hosting from imeanwebhosting. Specs aren’t bad for the hosting 2.5GB web space 25GB bandwidth.

Bad news, I forgot to backup my data from the old host and therefore lost everything. sad. All I have left of it is a cached version of what google has stored. Plus I forgot all the plugins I had.

Got to remember to do backups to the cloud for this one.